Chancellor Block speaks at a basketball banquet; Chancellor Block, in academic attire, speaks at Commencement; Chancellor Block gestures with his hands

Addresses and Articles

2016-17 Academic Year



2017 UCLA College Commencement 6/16/2017, Pauley Pavilion 

"It is my honor, on behalf of all of us at UCLA, to congratulate the Class of 2017! We know how hard you’ve worked. We know the sacrifices you’ve made. And your hard work has paid off.” [Full Text]


UCLA Herb Alpert School of Music Commencement and UCLA Medal Presentation​ 6/16/2017, Dickson Plaza

"As chancellor, I’ve been honored over the past decade to be part of many historic moments at UCLA, and today is one of those special moments, one that many of us have been looking forward to for a long time. Today, we celebrate the first graduating class of the Herb Alpert School of Music.” [Full Text]


Geffen Hall Dedication 5/11/2017, Geffen Hall

“Today, we again celebrate David Geffen for his extraordinary philanthropic leadership. David is a long-time champion of UCLA, and his support is truly unparalleled.” [Full Text]


UCLA Medal Presentation to Congressman John Lewis 4/10/2017, Winston C. Doby Lecture, Royce Hall 

“For more than a half-century, John Lewis has been one of the strongest and most enduring voices of the American conscience.” [Full Text]

Global Human Resources Forum 11/2/2016, Seoul, South Korea

"This is my second time in South Korea in as many months, and my second opportunity to address educators and thought leaders on this important topic: what we should and must do to provide education that lifts up everyone in our communities, not just the few who have the time, money and resources to better themselves." [Full Text]



Chancellor Gene Block on the Importance of Going Global 11/2016, UCLA Newsroom

“We are facing huge societal issues that cross boundaries: Water shortages, epidemics and migration are global challenges that require global solutions. To address them effectively, you have to understand many cultures and issues from an international perspective.” [Full Text]


2015-16 Academic Year



2016 UCLA College Commencement 6/10/2016, Pauley Pavilion, UCLA 

“So much has gone into bringing us all to this moment. You have studied and questioned and practiced. Your families have sacrificed and supported and guided. Your teachers have inspired and challenged and mentored. And, who knows, there might have even been one or two university administrators or staff members who helped out along the way." [Full Text]


In the news

UCLA sells royalty rights to prostate cancer drug 3/2016, Los Angeles Times

UCLA Chancellor Gene Block said the sale allows the university to serve one of its “essential missions — funding and generating research with practical applications that serve the public good.” [Full Text]

Nation’s Prominent Public Universities Are Shifting to Out-of-State Students 1/2016, Washington Post

“There’s no substitute for international students,” Block said. “They bring perspective you just can’t get from the domestic population. It really does add to the environment for everybody.” [Full Text]


2014-15 Academic Year



New Student Welcome 9/2014, Los Angeles Tennis Center

“You are destined to be leaders in the future — be it through conquering climate change or reversing income inequality or curing disease. UCLA is a place to develop the skills today that will empower you to succeed as leaders of tomorrow: Leaders who succeed by examining facts without bias, by understanding complexity rather than clinging to simplicity, by building community across differences.” [Full Text]



Funding Two Years of College is a Small Price to Pay to Get Educated Workers  1/2015, Los Angeles Times

“Increasing numbers of Americans see the pathways of economic opportunity narrowing and believe it will be impossible for them to work their way into the middle class or beyond. The America’s Promise program will send a much-needed message to millions of motivated citizens that the American dream can still be their dream too.” [Full Text]

Our Internal Sleep Clocks Are Out of Sync 8/2014, Wall Street Journal

“In this season of vacation travel, many of us are happily resigned to jet lag as the price of international adventure. The malaise associated with crossing time zones has been recognized for decades, of course. What's new is our understanding of the wider phenomenon that scientists call 'circadian disruption,' a disorder of our internal timing system. It can have profound health consequences, and its causes extend well beyond the occasional overseas jaunt.” [Full Text]


In the news

The Innovators: A look at the Leaders Behind Some of L.A.’s Most Forward-Thinking Organizations 5/2015, Hemispheres Dossier

“This [Sustainable LA] a full-pronged, multidimensional approach on a problem that we think we can make real progress on,” says UCLA Chancellor Gene Block. “It's a huge undertaking with a very high bar for being successful, but that’s what our students like.” [Full Text]


2013-14 Academic Year



A Proud Past, A Bright Future 7/2014, UCLA Magazine

“The Centennial Campaign will ensure that UCLA remains intellectually vibrant and continues to serve California and the world as an extraordinary resource for knowledge creation and dissemination. Working together for the greater good, we can ensure that UCLA will remain a powerful force for positive change in our city, our state, our nation and our world.” [Full Text]

Champions On and Off the Field 4/2014, UCLA Magazine

“Every student who attends UCLA — whether it's to win a Nobel Prize in physics, become the next great film director or find a pathway into the NFL — must be given the chance to realize his or her full potential. We are dedicated to making certain they achieve that. It's something you can feel good about the next time you cheer on any of our Bruin teams.” [Full Text]

Don't Let Online Education Widen the Digital Divide 3/2014, Sacramento Bee

“If we fail to promote equal access to residential colleges for all students, we may find ourselves with another damaging digital divide, unexpectedly, a reverse one, where lower income students rely more on digital technologies.” [Full Text]


2012-13 Academic Year



Veterans Day Ceremony 11/2012, Wilson Plaza

“Today, as we honor our veterans, on campus and throughout the nation, let us cultivate an attitude of profound gratitude toward those who have served. And let us heed the words of President Eisenhower, who called on us nearly 60 years ago to remember our veterans and promote an enduring peace so that their efforts shall not have been in vain.” [Full Text]

International Presidential Forum on Global Research Universities 10/2012, Seoul, Korea

“Research universities will increasingly compete and cooperate on a global scale and, in the process, will push the envelope on collaborative innovations that address the most pressing global problems facing humanity. The global nexus, with its multicultural composition, is transforming scholarship in highly creative ways.” [Full Text]



College is More than a 'Return on Investment' 3/2013, Washington Post

“The Student Right to Know Before You Go Act is a clear reaction to rising college costs and mounting student debt. President Obama also recently launched a similar bang-for-your-buck 'College Scorecard.' Unfortunately, framing higher education as a 'return on investment' is wrongheaded — a result of states’ growing disinvestment in higher education.” [Full Text]

Our Obligation to Student Athletes 11/2012, Huffington Post

“Simplifying the rules for how we recruit student athletes ... would allow the NCAA more time to focus on important infractions. We need policies that are fair, clear and enforceable. We must ensure that student athletes are treated fairly. We need to respect (and protect) their role as students every bit as much as, if not more than, we respect their role as athletes.” [Full Text]

Keep Public Universities Public 10/2012, Time magazine

“If the U.S. wants to remain a leader and keep the American Dream alive, higher education needs a strong financial commitment from our next President. We need an aggressive, comprehensive strategy for saving our public universities that involves the federal government and private industry, which for too long has relied upon universities, at little or no cost, to provide an educated workforce as well as innovative, university-generated products and ideas.” [Full Text]

Can The Next President Put Public Universities Back on Top? 9/2012, Huffington Post

“We all need to be held accountable, but those of us who work in public higher education can't do it alone. America's success is fundamentally connected to the state of our education system.” [Full Text]


2011-12 Academic Year



Gil Cates Memorial 1/2012, Directors Guild of America

“Gil has been described as a showman, an impresario, a visionary. All true.  But I thought of Gil mostly as a friend – a friend to me personally, and an invaluable friend to UCLA … So let us pledge tonight to remember Gil, not only in our hearts but with our deeds, by continuing to support the legacy of his twin passions – entertainment and education – both at the Geffen and at the UCLA School of Theater, Film and Television." [Full Text]

Dr. Winston C. Doby Celebration of Life 1/2012, Royce Hall

“Winston was, above all else, a principled leader. A man of unquestioned integrity. Winston was solidly steadfast, remarkably resolute, and consistently compassionate. A true gentleman, dignified yet approachable, Winston spoke softly but carried a big heart … For Winston, the underdog was always top-of-mind." [Full Text]

Hanban/Confucius Institute Headquarters 12/2011, Beijing, China

“As we plan for the future – for the next 10 years – and for the next 100 years I think we might also want to add one more line to the Chinese proverb recited earlier: If you’re planning for posterity, build friendships. That’s what Hanban and the Confucius Institute are all about. That’s what this remarkable sixth anniversary conference is all about. And that’s what all of us individually and collectively should be all about as we plant the seeds for a more harmonious world." [Full Text]



Cuts to Higher Education: The Master Plan Turncoats 4/2011, Los Angeles Times

“[T]he chancellors of [the] UC campuses [are] staring at a possibility that was unthinkable only a few years ago: the slow dismantling of the greatest university system in the world, one that champions the American dream of a college education. Generations of post-World War II students are the products of this affordable, merit-based system. They've gone on to become entrepreneurs, physicians, engineers, community leaders, scientists and innovators who have helped fuel California's growth." [Full Text]


2010-11 Academic Year



Peace Corps 50th Anniversary Panel Discussion 03/2011, Royce Hall

“We take great pride in UCLA's contributions to the Peace Corps, and this week, we pay tribute to this great American institution for what it has given to UCLA and to our country." [Full Text]

Parents’ Weekend 10/2010, Royce Hall

“I’m inspired by our students’ talent, their energy, their compassion... and their ambition. These are students who want to make a difference. We’re excited by what the future holds for them." [Full Text]

Terasaki Life Science Building Grand Opening 10/2010, Terasaki Life Science Building

“I have been inspired by [Paul Terasaki’s] generosity and his humility. He has said that he owes his career to UCLA because the labs here gave him the freedom to pursue his innovations. Paul and Hisako, we thank you for your vision—and for your abiding belief in UCLA’s continued excellence." [Full Text]



Block Sums Progress, Strategies to Deal with Budget 11/2010, UCLA Today

“Under very, very challenging financial conditions, we performed better than could have been expected. In fact, if you didn’t know our budgetary situation, you would have thought it was a banner year for UCLA in many ways. And that’s through [the faculty's] efforts, and the efforts of staff and students as well." [Full Text]


2009-10 Academic Year



 John Wooden Memorial  6/2010, Pauley Pavilion

"Today, we celebrate a man who made his life his masterpiece; a man who never stopped teaching and learning." [Full Text 

 Japanese students honorary degree ceremony 5/2010, Schoenberg Hall

"On this day it is all of us who thank the legacy that you have given us. It is a true testament of courage and dignity for which we will forever be grateful." [Full Text]



Measuring Up 1/2010, UCLA Magazine

"The future of the university is the future of the people of the state, affecting their business, cultural and educational lives and the quality of their medical care." [Full Text]

So Much Is at Stake: The Future of UCLA 12/2009, The Huffington Post

"Excellence is a shared asset in which the community, region and state are vested. Californians must quickly raise their voices to remind our lawmakers how critical UCLA is to the state." [Full Text]


Prior Years



Education for All Students 1/2009, Letter to the editor re: AB 540, as published in the Los Angeles Times

"We must continue to provide educational opportunity for all of the state's students. I believe that California's future depends on it." [Full Text]

A New Journey for Carol Block 10/2007, UCLA Today

This is a wonderful place to be. It already feels like home." [Full Text]

Block on Board 7/2007, UCLA Magazine

"Gene loves new ideas. He has a sense of adventure that comes out of his scientific training." [Full Text]

Gene Block Named New UCLA Chancellor 12/2006, UCLA Newsroom

"An accomplished scholar and administrator, a man of integrity." [Full Text]